Welcome!  I am Dr. Avani Patel.  I am a CA licensed chiropractor and ACE certified personal trainer currently working in Huntington Beach, CA, surrounding cities of Orange County and some portions of Los Angeles County.

As a chiropractor, I AM MOBILE!  I  come to your home or workplace to provide you with all-natural chiropractic care. Neuromusculoskeletal issues are my specialty.
I adjust children and pregnant women, athletes and desk jockeysI specialize in extremity adjusting, kinesiology taping and myofascial release techniques, as well.  Being mobile makes my service time and cost efficient, and very convenient, for all of my patients.

For personal training, I have access to a personal training studio in Huntington Beach with all of the latest equipment and none of the crowds of a gym, or I can train you in your home or outdoors to make it more enjoyable for you! 

Dr. Avani Patel, B.S., D.C., C.P.T.

Mobile Chiropractor and Personal Trainer-helping your body perform at its best.


I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology (the study of human movement) in 2001 from the University of Southern California (USC). 
I received my Doctorate of Chiropractic degree in 2004 from Southern California University of Health Sciences (formerly known as Los Angeles College of Chiropractic)(www.scuhs.edu).  I became a certified personal fitness trainer in 2006 through ACE: the American Council on Exercise (www.acefitness.org).

In my spare time, I enjoy being physically active or training my brain.  I participate in group sports, enjoy bike riding, hiking, bodyboarding, snowboarding, or anything else that lets me enjoy our year-round beautiful weather in Southern California; for my mind, I enjoy reading, playing board games or doing a variety of puzzles. 

With my extensive educational background and knowledge of how the human body works, and practicing a healthy lifestyle myself, you can take comfort in knowing that if you have me as your personal trainer or your chiropractor, you are going to receive high quality natural health care.  I can show you how easy it is to implement healthy habits into your daily routine without feeling deprived of life's simple pleasures.

                                    P.O Box 3444, Huntington Beach, CA 92605

Please DO NOT CALL/TEXT after 10 pm or before 7:00 am for GENERAL INQUIRIES as this is a cellular phone that is on at night for emergencies, and just out of common courtesy as I am trying to sleep during this time.  Thank you!

"If you can't afford prevention, how can you afford disease"

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