Welcome and congratulations on taking the first step towards a healthier and active lifestyle!

Are you looking to get into shape but don’t know how, or where, to start?
Maybe you are looking to change up your exercise routine because you have stopped seeing results. Perhaps you just want to lose a few extra pounds before your wedding, in time for summer, or even after the baby.

Or are you simply the kind of person who just needs that extra push and motivation that a personal trainer can provide when you cannot motivate yourself to get going?

A little bit about me:

I received my bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from USC; doctorate of chiropractic from Southern California University of Health Sciences; am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer; am CPR certified; and have 9 years of experience.

I am serious about my job and serious about helping you achieve your goals. I will take you through a workout routine that is not only effective and tailored for YOU, but is also SAFE.

Safety is important in exercise because you are adding weights, resistance and intensity to several systems of your body that may not be used to being pushed that hard. If you exercise safely, you can reduce your chance of injuries or health emergencies. This will help you exercise efficiently so you can achieve your goals faster and more realistically.

When you train with me, I will educate you on how to exercise properly, use good form and technique, provide suggestions on nutrition, and most importantly, I will show you how EASY it is to make little changes in your life with big results.

Exercising should be something you look forward to everyday, and it should be a routine you know you will enjoy. You should not feel like you are overwhelming yourself to lower blood pressure or cholesterol levels; to manage diabetes or arthritis; to build strength and flexibility; to live a happier and longer life! I will push you to a level where you can achieve the results you are looking for by progressing the exercise levels safely AND APPROPRIATELY.

Other benefits of exercise include decreased stress levels, improved quality of sleep and more self confidence.

Stress has been shown to decrease your immune system, leading to frequent illness. Stress also can have negative effects on your work life, home life and love life. Exercise has been shown to reduce levels of stress so you get sick less often, get better quality of sleep, can focus better at work and give more time and attention to your own life to be happier.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the many affordable plans to choose from for making an investment in your health and well-being.

I look forward to hearing from you today so we can get started on the road to better health tomorrow.
One-on-one sessions are for one hour with all of my attention focused on you. These sessions include a warm up, resistance training, cardiovascular training, core strengthening, cool down and/or flexibility training. Measurements and fitness assessments will be checked and updated regularly.

USC Alumni discount available – 10%

1-Hour Session: Private Studio/Gym

 # of SessionsRate per Session

Choose from a payment package listed above.
Add $10 to rates to work out with a partner.

1-Hour Mobile Session:

Same prices as above for travel less than 10 miles from Huntington Beach
-$10 additional cost for travel expense for locations 10-15 miles away

Rates apply for the hour, or any portion of that hour.

If you would like to sign up for tandem training, which is sharing the session with a friend, you can split the cost between the both of you to make training more affordable and enjoyable.

**GIFT CERTIFICATES ALWAYS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST-Great for anniversary, birthday, holiday or any other occasion**

12-hour cancellation policy is required or you will be charged in full for the canceled session. You will also be charged in full for that session if you are a no-show/cancel upon my arrival.

The same 12-hour cancellation policy applies to the trainer – the client will receive a free session at his/her current paid value.

There are very few exceptions for my cancellation policy which will be disclosed to you only if/when they apply.